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It's not the major things that happen in relationships with others that can be a problem, it can be the subtle acts that drive us to pursue or stay in connections that are unsuitable for ourselves and it's only when it becomes uncomfortable that we seek out ways of finding out why. So do you feel confused by the way you act when you're around people who you want to be close or intimately connected to?  You could be trying too hard to please or maybe avoid conflict, you may fear upsetting them or maybe you tend to explain away their bad behavior towards you when other people question you.  If you'd like a better connection with them or need to remove them from your life then confronting them may feel a bit too extreme to begin with so with this in mind this step is designed to help you look at a particular situation that you're struggling with with a view to reframing it through a movie.
The purpose of this is to help you make some tweaks to how you behave in the future around certain individuals as assertiveness takes practice and you may want to look at something that niggles you and make steps towards testing the water so that you can work toward a final resolution. 

So how does it work

We offer the opportunity for you to submit a problem you are struggling within a close or intimate connection with the view to us prescribing a movie so that you can take on fresh thinking about the situation and use the characters experiences to make some changes to your own situation.

Keep an eye out on this page as this facility will be launching shortly....