Say it

Do you feel confused by the way you act when you're around other people, you could be trying too hard to please or maybe avoid conflict, you may fear upsetting people or maybe you tend to explain away other people's behavior if they're treating you badly, if you want to change this then confronting it may feel extreme but things won't change unless you do as other people may not be aware that their behavior is upsetting you.
The purpose of this step is to put some strategies in place that help you make some tweaks to how you behavior in the future so that you can either negotiate a situation so you can deal with it better or come away from it with your dignity intact.

So how does it work

Think of this process as gaining some insight into how you currently interact with other people, could it be that you're not getting a result because you're unable to ask for what you truly want? Assertiveness takes practice, you may want to look at something that niggles you and make steps towards testing the water before you go in for a full blown confrontation and if this is the case then we're here so you can confidently move towards a resolution that suits you.

Or if you're not quite ready to assert yourself fully and would like to ease yourself into it then why not have a movie prescribed so that you can gain some resilience towards taking steps in the future, just ask about this option at the time of booking.

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