Do it

Do you want to feel OKAY so that you get the results you want?

Every action has a consequence and if you are not okay with what's come your way in the past then taking different actions is inevitable. I expect my clients to get on board with discussing what has brought them to this point after which coaching sessions are designed to confront your current challenge with gusto and as most situations are needs-led then exploring what this looks like with the aim of feeling personally fulfilled is a starting point for setting your chosen goals.

I'm keen that my clients feel safe and comfortable within their coaching sessions so discuss preferences early on so we can see what works for you in terms of whether you want telephone/Skype or face to face sessions and you may be happy to come into sessions once a week or prefer intensive coaching over a day/weeks or a virtual handholding option to guide you through a situation. 

All sessions will be carried out in a quiet, secure environment whatever you choose that offer confidentially and non-judgmental coaching that is intended to allow you to reflect on your experiences so you'll feel ready to move to the next chapter with confidence because you're challenging your perceptions of what you ultimately want in your life.
If you want a free 30-minute consultation beforehand or to discuss options in terms of how your coaching is conducted then use the contact page.