What you need to know is that of all the judgments in life, none is more important than the one we have of ourselves...

If you feel it's time you had a better intimate relationship experience rather than feel you have to go along with other people's desires then we're here to help you achieve what you want by recognizing that your love life will need to be approached with the diligence you give to other aspects of your life.
Our services are largely designed to help you gain the ability to cope around people who put you under pressure to be someone you're not or to be in something that doesn't suit you by helping you notice whether or not the connection you're pursuing or are currently in has any future. We do this by encouraging you to think and act like movie characters who have found themselves in similar situations with the aim of helping you gain the willpower to conduct yourself differently so you protect yourself and project signals to potential suitors or current connections that you're serious about gaining a healthy connection or the space to notice people on the peripheral who are more likely to invest in an equal connection because they have your best interests at heart.
I'm not going to pretend that it will be easy to change your current mindset but if you don't want the worry and anguish that being around some people can bring then it's an inevitable step so you can go forward into fulfilling encounters with a renewed sense of self-worth which will have also have a positive effect on other areas of your life.

About Lynn 

From an early age I always wanted to be in something that was affectionate but didn't consume me, needless to say I became consumed but didn't get much affection and then change became inevitable when I finally lost the ability to make the right decisions for myself. And so I set about looking at why this had happened to me and even though I was inspired by some people in real life, I discovered that my personality would inevitably attract certain people and I also discovered that my then lack of assertiveness was mirrored by some of the characters I was drawn to within movies particularly when it came to intimate relationships.  And so it was through engaging with the movie characters and seeing how empowered they became by the end of the movie that I challenged myself to act in the same way which was interjected with coaching until I got the result I wanted which in a nutshell has meant that I've lost the urgent need for validation because I feel okay about myself again which makes for a far better experience in the right connection and being able to get with life the way I want to.

Why work with me?

I've learned to change my approach and that's exactly what I want for you because if you're open to seeing yourself differently then this will have an effect on how others see you and this experience will set you free to make better choices and help you achieve your goals.
I'm a qualified movie therapist, mentor, and life coach who'll give you the tools you need to succeed so you overcome the barriers that you and others put in your way. I've worked with a diverse range of people by helping them increase their self-esteem through the support I received from organizations such as Wirral Mind and The School for Social Entrepreneurs where I graduated from as a fellow on the Innovators for Health program.

What others say...

"I would recommend Lynn as a supportive and skilled life coach with an empathetic approach which has enabled to develop the capacity to find solutions to issues" NM - London

" Creative way of thinking about my life and where I'm heading" JH - Liverpool

"It inspired me and I came away feeling confident, optimistic and determined to achieve more things in my life" SH - Wirral